Sticky Stamp Collection Utility :


Stamp Man Route – Collect 5 'NORMAL' stamps of each country indicated on the map/ route to  recieve a unique stamp.


3D digital stamp – Every buyer of a 8 bit stamp will recieve a 3D stamp after selling collection.


3D physical stamp – After collecting 10 ‘Super Rare’ stamps, buyer will be send a 3D stamp by own choise made by : NFT2PRINT.



Charity Donation – 2,5% of the fee will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. This will be done monthly and will be shown to all the buyers/ collectors/ holders.



Normal Stamp holders – Collection between 1 till 49 stamps. Recieve 10% discount for the next 50 stamps. Get a Bronze Stamp after collecting 49 stamps.

Rare Stamp holders – Collection between 50 till 99 stamps. Recieve 20% discount for the next 50 stamps. Get a Silver Stamp after collecting 99 stamps.

Super Rare Stamp holders – Collection between 100 or more. Recieve 40% discount for the next 100 stamps. Recieve Golden Stamp after collecting 149 stamps.


Telegram Community - Special Telegram group for all the holders. (upcoming news, discounts and giveaway's)


Holders extra’s – Recieve monthly a theme made stamp (christmas, easter, spring etc.) Only for holders!


Holders choice – Holders come up with an idea and just like a contest the best idea is selected. We then turn it into an 8 bit NFT stamp. Profit will be 50% for the  winner.


Super Super holder – After collecting 250 stamps you will be sent a pyshical stamp book with your 250 stamps.